Wednesday, March 30, 2005


It's nice to be thought of as an industry pro. I forget sometimes that I'm actually doing the things I do for a living. It's also nice to see that the local schools have woke up after years of telling kids that you'll never make a living in art of music. (This I've personally experienced, as I'm sure some of you have).

But now, man! I hardly recognized my old high school. There are computers everywhere! Gaming, multimedia, programming. They even have courses on compositing and video editing! Amazing! Simply amazing. Kids are animating, modeling creating storyboards and being different and creative is endorsed rather then shunned.

This year I was asked to be a judge for the video editing portion of the 1st annual skills competition at James M. Hill. Very flattering and very fun. Unfortunatley all the kids were forced to use Windows Movie Maker for their video editing program; but man, they made the best of it. Some were down right amazing!

Alot of these kids have a very bright future ahead of them in the digital arts. Bravo!

Here's a photo of me with the winners of the competion. Congrats to Nick and Holly!

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