Saturday, March 5, 2005


Here at Fatkat we do alot of fun stuff. I mean c'mon, we sit on our butts and draw or animate for a good 10-12 hours a day. That's better then digging ditches or working at a factory glueing together pieces of particle board that make up mini recliners. (they're lovely aren't they?)

No, we make cartoons. Cartoons of all shapes and sizes, Animated training films, motion graphic commercials, and shows for broadcast and the web.

The web, what a marvel. Anything goes on the web. You could be a novice or a pro, it's the ultimate test stage for your work. It's brought people fame and fortune and has also destroyed careers and families all over the globe. (At the moment it's destroying our network, damn viruses!)

Getting to the point of this post:

All sorts of stuff that we dream up here at Fatkat is quite coarse and offensive. Let's face it, we're very weird and nasty little people. The stuff we'd like to do sometimes would never fly on the air, who would buy it? Doesn't matter. The web is the ultimate conductor for our vicious energy.

Drum roll please.

I introduce to you "The Soap & Pubey Show". What a hoot, what a disastorous waste of time, what fun could you imagine us having on this, a hilarious nonsense concept. Tons!

Weeks ago Mick drew this picture in his sketchbook and it kind of grew from there.

From this simple and cutey sketch birthed a dark and carnivorous theme. Soap was to be a dried up vegas standup. A drunk, a has been or never was. Tired and disturbed this bar of soap would stand with his buddy Pubey at the side of your tub and tell you jokes while you were in the shower. Then the idea took a turn for the worse.

We decided that Saturday, we'd actually make it.

So as I type, Mick and Nevin are animating Soap & Pubey and all their elements. Last night the four of us stayed at Fatkat very late doing voice overwork. We all got together and sang the theme song and told jokes. We rolled with laughter all night. I was quite relieved to come in this morning and find the show still funny. Sometimes a good idea during beers and coffee at 3am isn't so good after your omellette at the diner the next morning. But it was.

We had tons of ideas on just who to include in the episode since Soap has to tell a joke to somebody. Mick, having hatred for many celebrities brought that very suggestion to the table. Every episode was then forth to have rancorous jokes directed to a different celebrity guest star. This weeks episode, Jennifer Aniston was nice enough to visit the set.

The animation will be posted soon. Have a coke and a smile.


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