Saturday, April 9, 2005


I realize it's been a while since our last post. Busy busy goes the kat and all those that are cleaning it's litterbox.

Man, we have so much on the go. We're currently finishing up the first episode of "Sprays of her Life". A webisode series for... ... well you'll see soon enough.

We're also completing another commercial for our buddies at Leisure Time RV Center and we're ramping up for a huge project with Ex-Fatkat's at Copernicus Studios in Halifax.

Starting Monday both studios start on a flash production for the Comedy Network. Did I mention we're hiring? I've hired 3 in the past three days, looking for 3 more too.

So alot's going on and for the past week we've all been doing alot of sacrificing. All my nights, weekends have been used up. Alot of the crew here at Fatkat are doing the same. Jon, Patrick slaving away on commercials, Neven, Mick on the Webisodes. Not to mention Dave & Cindy , who have been non stop since Christmas supervising animation on two direct to DVD featurettes. Alot of learning going on; alot of sacrificing too though.

This is what it's about though, would you rather be digging ditches? Mowing lawns or waiting on tables? Maybe, but I wouldn't have as much fun as I'm having on a daily basis working at Fatkat. Creating cartoons, once a hobby now a profession. Man, I laugh hard at least once everyday and I'm not a man who laughs out loud at stuff to often. Not truthfully anyway. Plus every once in awhile I'll get to draw something which as President I don't always get to do any more, phone doodles don't count. Although I do draw at home from time to time. Here's the latest sketch. Mick is pushing me to finish a drawing for once in my life.

This drawing is far from finished though. Ouch, look at that foot!

I'm not sure what the point of this post was, I'm just happy I'm doing what I'm doing and I get to work with creative geniuses everyday. Sure I wish I had more time to draw or paint and to be with my wife and live a somewhat blue collar life. Lucky for me she is as understanding and patient of my profession as I could ever hope her to be.

Picture from Beaubear's Island on the Miramichi River.

So what's the deal tomorrow? Go grab some lunch with my wife, go for a hike in the woods and take in earths goodness. Then, after being recharged, I'll check in at the studio on the Leisure Time Commercial and the scenes left on the webisode. Then spend my night editing them into the final comps.

Take some time out to do stuff you like to do, other then making cartoons. You need to keep your one time hobby and now full time job, feeling like a fun little hobby again. Because when it becomes work. It'll get old. So take a break once in awhile and get out, the outdoors has so much to offer you. Just turn off your monitor.

Be like Neven, take a break, go find your moose.

Gene out.

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