Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Last weekend Tara and I picked up an Englishman and his Serbian sidekick who's tank broke down just outside of the city limits. We decided to take them on a whirlwind tour of the eastern shore.

Through Miramichi Bay, Point aux Carr, Napan, Black River, Baie du Vin, Baie Saint Anne, Escuminac, Point Sapin rounding out through Kouchibouguac National Park we went. Ending up at the long abandoned Tweedie Brook power station.

Here's many pictures of our ride. I strongly reccomend getting out and exploring your countryside at least once a week. Take the back roads. You never know what you'll find.

It all starts with a snowball to the head, compliments of our Serbian newscaster.

Neven begins to plot the course through the ice.

Someone's very own private church, complete with copper onion on top.

We make our way to Escuminac Beach.

Mick hauls up his pant legs, grabs some driftwood, wades out into the atlantic ocean to take a whizz off an iceberg. Scratch that one off your list Mickey.

Tara enjoying the ocean waves.

Neven's new pet starfish.

Micks new pet shell and rock.

Spooky old tree and stone staircase at the site of the old Kouchibouguac Mill in the national park.

The old power dam. Roaring waters and salmon fishing!

Despite all the natural beauty, Neven finds time to be an original gangster.

Tara and Mick take time to reflect at the foot of the damn.

Meanwhile Neven and I scale the sucker.

Who knows what this weekend will hold in store. Get out! Enjoy yourselves!

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