Friday, May 20, 2005


With our dear Cindy and Dave leaving us for greener patches, of which I have no idea where they might be because Fatkat is the coolest place in the known universe! MUHAHA! We just had to take our "Super happy fun lunch day"to a different level. Had to, cause it felt right.

So without further adue I bring you the PLUNGER EDITION of our sacred Fatkat event.

It all starts with a visit to our lucious lawyer Heather Maynes. We exchange the simpliest services, we draw her pictures for her office, she makes sure we don't get screwed in our contracts. Deal!

We then go for our last lunch with Dave and Cindy as Fatkats. Shedding tears as I type this folks. Sad stuff.


So after lunch we're visited by the local papers. They're always circling round here as we're very cool folk up to general no goodness and we work on super cool projects that even our moms would be recognize and be proud of. It's about time to be proud of us MOM!

With that being said, we can resume our programming with pictures of a recently used plunger on our faces.

Hell we even plunged the reporter! Wendy you're so silly!

OK! Off to Nikki's place for Dave & Cindy's last bash! Lots of pictures to come.



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