Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Gavin surounded by the cast of Hopper.

About a month ago Gavin Smith; a producer from The Comedy Unit based in Glasgow Scotland, came over to Fatkat to jumpstart our new co-production. The project, a pre-school show called Hopper which Gavin created and is now Fatkat's first official Co-Production Project teaches children about teamwork, diversity and multicultrualism.

We're currently working on a short teaser trailer on the show, of which I'll be posting in another month's time. In the meantime, here are some photos from Gavin's stay.

Neven, Mr. Stevenson, Dan and Patrick all sharing a laugh over a pint of beer.

Neven toasts up.

Gavin, Mrs. Stevenson and Mick all enjoy a giggle.

The profile of an evil genius.

Tara after a few too many. :o)

Andy on his usual tear of the studio. He likes to devour a six pack and walk about telling everyone their peices of turd.

jokin...he's really a swell guy.

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