Friday, July 1, 2005


Just yesterday I heard that the building manager had some issues with us Fatkats. I mean, he's had some issues with us before; air conditioning mostly. Perhaps I'll talk about that a bit before I get into the real point of this post.

The building faces south so it's super hot in the afternoon but super cold when everyone arrives in the morning. Naturally when it's too cold we crank down the AC. But then in the Afternoon it gets really hot and they crank it up. Well the poor AC in the building has to work double time to cool off the studios. So much in fact that sometimes the AC uses a ton of power and water, even overflowing it's tank sometimes and flooding the first floor of the building a bit. This common occurance + the fact that we somtimes have our windows open has gotten us into reocurring trouble with this building manager. I would be angry too, it's very costly.

So I don't blame the guy at all when the other day he announced he was putting locks on all the AC controls in our studios; don't blame him a bit, I'd nail the fucking windows shut.

Something else must have gotten his goat that day too though. Perhaps he was just grumpy. Not sure, but after almost a year of bringing our bikes into the studio hallway (they get trashed outside by punk ass bitches if we didn't, see below for Patrick's bike)- Also after about 10 months of having another dog in the building down on the first floor, our building manager decided that rather then coming to me and speaking to me about his concerns of having our bicycles stored at the studio or bringing our mascot Eddie to sleep on our floor (we actually own our hardwood flooring, no, instead of talking rationally to come to a compromise; he hides behind some newly posted signs.

So how do we respond to him after he rags out Nikki on bicycles and lectures Gwen into tears about Eddie? Shall we sink to his level and hide behind some sort of anti-confrontational contraption? Or do we confront him and talk to him rationally like he should have done to us?

No, we post new signs.

Here's Patrick, comparing the old and new signage. Give it to the man!!


Look at this pup. 80% of the time he graces are hardwood, 10% of the time he's begging for bagels and the remaining 10% he's outside catching frisbees. Eddie is the shit, and he's not going anywhere.


PS: Here's Patrick's Bike, after a week of being left outside. Would you want to leave your bike outside too?

My favorite piece, besides, the smashed pedals and gear shifts is that someone actually set the rear tire on fire. Classy.


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