Friday, July 29, 2005


We have some amazing clients, we also have some amazing suppliers but both groups of people we like to grab onto and hold them, snuggle them gently as friends.

Dacapo Productions is a great example of a bunch of yahoos that we relate to on almost every level. Their silly, have a great sense of humour, take the time to make us a laugh and also never ever dissapoint us with their amazing audio work. This is why we use these guys almost exclusivley for every single project!

Below is an excerpt from an email reply sent from Nolan Balzer who handles alot of our audio engineering and voice recording sessions. He's the shit.

If you're in need of voice actors, sound fx, library or custom music. Call Dacapo!

It was another late night at the cartoon factories...the moon was crouched so low overhead that it felt like a monstrously malicious but delicious omlete du fromage about to flop down and begin its yolked apocolypse. "Damn the sneeze!", he said as he lit another pork sausage and took a deep, slow lungfull of its greasy goodness, "these are dangerous times to be animation and audio personnel." Resigned to his fate, he walked into the inky blackness, tapping a defiant ryhthm on the fishstick in his breast pocket.
We have the talent booked and are ready to rumble tomorrow morning. Do ya wanna listen in or do you trust a man who lives for the wordplay...? snicker...giggle....

Nolan Balzer
Pro-Tools Editor, Producer
daCapo Productions
516 Hargrave St.
Winnipeg, Mb
R3M 0X8
tel (204)-956-2867
fax (204)-956-2869

On 28-Jul-05, at 8:46 PM, GENE FOWLER wrote:

Hey babies,

Wees got a new revised script upon us. In this version there are some saftey’s requested to be recorded tomorrow. It shan’t take too long, easy peasey lemon squeezy.

Take a peek, they’re clearly marked with version numbers.

As for script 04, I dunno guys, I didn’t get anything tonight, tomorrow at the earliest, but it could arrive too late. The big thing is not to stop recording of episode 03 I so desperately need that recording for that episode as I have to deliver the animatic to them on Monday (sans music).

Peace lovers.

Gene Fowler
President | Senior Creative
Fatkat Animation Studios
FatFone: 506.773.1125
FatFax: 506.773.3798

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