Thursday, August 18, 2005


Man, is it just me or are alot of amazing people in our industry falling these days? I mean no disrespect in anyway, but I fear alot of our greats are leaving us far too early. Perhaps I pay too much attention I dunno, and I know some are getting up there in the years, it's saddening though when someone so young has his time come.

The latest to fall, Pixar Storyman Joe Ranft, do a search you'll see enough posts on him and his death. I'm going to focus more on the positive notes that he left behind, such as this interview and some of his artwork.

An interview with Joe Ranft.

Some art and facts about Joe Ranft.

Some of the greats that are missed:

Maurice Noble - 2001
Chuck Jones - 2002
Bill Peet - 2002
Ward Kimball - 2002
Ollie Johnston - 2004
Dan Lee - 2005
Rowland B. Wilson - 2005
Joe Grant - 2005

Time to slip in "A bug's life" into the old dvd player.

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