Tuesday, August 2, 2005


One of my great friends that helped me start Fatkat Animation Studios back in 2000 has returned home, literally.

Cameron "Kamdown"- Calm Down - Fraser was sleeping on my couch five years ago when I got the call to start Fatkat Animation Studios. He came on board back then as my IT dude, buying computer, fixing them, doing all the networking and database stuff that I don't understand and now he's back with us again! YEAH!!

Cameron and I hung out and skate in highschool, throughout college and then even lived with eachother for a short time in Halifax before starting Fatkat Animation Studios and ultimatley Trainingscape Studios Canada. He was there with us when it all fell to shit too. A friend to the end.

Now he's here, he decided to come home and help me bring this studio up to speed, adding programming, action scripting and again, all that stuff I don't know about to our list of studio skillsets.

Welcome back bro, it's been too long.

Here's a link to Kamdown's new blog, check yo'self befo' yo wreck yo'self foo'.

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