Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Ok, I know we talked about it before but here's the official decision and why.

MSN is a distraction period. The art of animation should be executed with mindful attention to detail.

Even listening to music is taking away from your attention; however I find it hard to turn it all off as well. But for one week now, I've strayed away from MSN Messenger and I've gotten more things done. Less distractions that's for sure, especially from people who might be bored on the other end and having nothing better to do then to see what new exciting project you're working on at Fatkat.

Today, we're marking the official end of MSN Messenger (and any other messenger program) use during work hours at Fatkat. Use during your lunch break or after hours is fine but not permitted at any other time. This goes the same for misuse of email for chatting to friends and family.

So enjoy your last day on MSN. Tell everyone that you will no longer be online during work hours. Give it a shot, I think you'll find that you're more focused and productive and your animation will be better for it.



PS: My apologies to those who don't abuse MSN.

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