Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Well it's about damn time I tell you. The Tenacious Tony Grillo has finally accepted our invitation and has come to Fatkat for a visit!

Tony Grillo is the president of Flinch Studio and a long time Fatkat Client. We've been working on all sorts of cool projects since we were first introduced to each other. From Webisodes to interactive learning cartoons to celebrity parodies and Flash games; we've worked on alot of Flinch projects. Now Tony is here to pay homage to those projects and to officially drink his face off in celebration of their completion.

In Grande Fatkat style on day one of Tony's visit we chartered a boat and hit the river for a guided tour of our mystical, magical Miramichi.
Andrew and Tony try to talk Christopher's wife onto the boat, she wouldn't have it. She said we looked suspicious and smelled funny. She was right.

Tony and I get our chat on.
Manon, Daniel and Jon start the shitfacing.

This was the captain and tour guide, his name eludes me but he put on a good show; telling us old stories about the area and showing some artifacts as well.
Such as these old clay pipes, Liz was wondering if she could smoke her crack cocaine in them, the captain didn't comment.
The beer starts to take effect.
We stopped at Beaubear's island for a tour
Extended lapse of the mill across the river.
Patrick and I try to get a fire going.
Liz pointing over there.

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