Thursday, September 29, 2005


So I'm 29 now. I don't feel it. I feel fat though, could you hold me a little?

Earlier this week I was working from home and you know what? The saying of "When the Kat is away the mice will play"holds true. I brought my laptop home and worked on our webseries that we're doing for "I Can't Believe It's not Butter, Spray!"- but I neglected my camera, and some weird things happened when I left my camera and took off for a couple of days. Luckily the yahoos at Fatkat took the time to leave incriminating photos.

It seems the fuckers broke into my office and watched my cartoons!

They even set up a computer on my desk and held confernce calls with a studio in Brazil!

The bastids even used my binoculars to peep on a lady undressing in the local resort across the street! I saw her first Patrick!!!

To top it all off, Leon was giving the international sign for hanky panky! LEON!!

But it doesn't end there, when I came into the office the next morning, there were some goodies waiting for me. Blueberry Pie, Toystory special Edition DVD, Ren & Stimpy 3rd season and an awesome book on drawing the Looney tunes, which I can't say enough good things about; it's not for kiddies, this book has great stuff!

The best part of my Birthday was going to a Montréal Canadiens / Boston Bruins game in Monctoon. It's not too often you get to see an NHL game. Smooches to Tara my lovley wife for taking me out for the night.

THis goaltender was amazing. Stopping 41 of 43 shots as the Bruins took the Habs 5-2.
Theodore, stoning Murray on a breakaway.

It was an awesome time!! Thanks Tara!!

But the excitement didn't end there! Oh NO! It continued the next day. All week Andrew Dunn was warning me of this intern guy coming up from Moncton to beg me for a job. He called me this morning telling me that this guy wouldn't leave untill he spoke to me, he was determined to get a job by working for free or waxing phesants or something. I was so grumpy, by the time I came in I was about to rip this kid a new one... and then I saw who this new intern was.

None other then Tony Grillo.

Tony secretly flew up from Florida to direct a couple of projects, see! can't you seem him directing!? Well can't you!? It's obvious.
Look at them all, coming back from a swanky lunch, relishing in the fact that they pulled one over on me. Fuckers.

I'll get you. I know where you all live, I watch you when you're sleeping. Especially when you're sleeping. I'm a little perverted like that.

I'm out bitches,


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