Friday, September 2, 2005


On the second day of "The Grillo Canadian Experience" - we came in late (and still drunk) and worked for a few hours. Then the whole studio ditched work around 3pm and headed out to Andrew's place for grub! Steaks were on the BBQ, Corn was boiling and the girls were cookin up a batch of Oysters! Yum!
Patrick contemplates life.
Andrew Contemplates death.
I contemplate that squishy feeling in my pants.
Tony's new shirt! Stephen, (tony's brother) sent a joke up and I had to take caption from it and make it into a t-shirt.
Here's the close up. Oops, I made Tony's head a bit big.

Christopher and Tony discuss what it's like to be a Fatkat Client.
Nadine get's cracking.
Douggie was shocked to find out they wern't using I can't believe it's not butter on the oysters.
Tara not approving of the corn. she's very strict with her cobs.
Mark searches for the ultimate cob in Nikki's pants.
The kids show off their karate skills.
Sam and Manon get their drink on.
I found these yahoos under this tree smokin stuff.
I found this yahoo...well, being a yahoo.
Simba and Jeremi
Eddie, just before he took off, we lit off some fireworks and he was outta there!
What are you trying to say?

Campfire goodness.
Ok time to go, Nadine says to get the hell out!
Tara, Patrick, Tony and I piled into the Nazi-mobile aka - volkswagen.
and go to Ben's !!!

Tara putting up with my shit, such patience.
Oh I get it now.

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