Friday, October 28, 2005


As some of you know, our new associate producer in New York City is a jack of all trades, by day he's one hell of a creative producer and comedy writer, teaming with Fatkat on such shows as "My Adventures with Cloe", "Boy Sherrif", "Carrots of the Pirabbean", Lonesome Duck and the international hit short show - "Soap & Pubey".

What you may not of known is that Buddy is also an established Stand Up Comedian. Having been on The Conan O'Brien Show and also has acted in numerous commercials and motions pictures such as "Mr.Deeds"with Adam Sandler and "Master Of Disguise"with Dana Carvey.

The following Blog has Buddy on AOL at a club called "The Laugh Factory" wearing our Fatkat Jersey!!! - HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Keep an eye out on AOL, Real Networks, Network Live and AEG Live for internet broadcasts of Buddy Bolton's hilarious standup. One that just last year I was lucky enough to enjoy in person while at Kidscreen in NYC. He's fucking hilarious.

It's rumoured that in November Buddy will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC!! I'll post the dates on the blog for sure.

Way to go Buddy B! You rule man!!!

~ Gene.

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