Sunday, October 30, 2005


Our amazing Acadian artist o' Senior, Daniel Thériault and his lovely fiancé Manon offered up their dwelling for distruction as they threw a Halloween Costume Party just this past Friday. Manon makes the best faces.

Roberto Samauri
Stephen de la Morté (aka Stephen Pitre, our newest Fatkat! - Welcome man!)
Patrick Monroe
Fern Channy
Liger Robinson

A few of us got together at the studio for some drinks and costume fixing after our staff meeting.
Steve and Melanie, the Vampire Couple.

Viking Hitler
Pirates in the living room!

View a clip of Patrick sucking back Sardines here.

Tara witnessed it first hand, she didn't stay after that. Can't say I blame her.

For the 5th consecutive year, Cameron went as himself. Manon wasn't impressed.

Sam and Andy, what a ghastly couple! muhahaha!

Jon von zombie showed up!

cutie patootie Gwen showed up dressed as Bambie.

Not so cutie Nevey showed up as a drunk hunter. Damn Neven, I hope you didn't use a sharpie for that beard and fantastishe!

Napoleon, you're the biggest.

Why is it that at every Fatkat social event, there's a photo taken of Melanie putting something into her mouth? ~Hell, as long as she's having fun right?

My titties were the objects of attention from all sexes and species that night.

Gwen darlin, you got a little something on your nose.

Smooches to the Nooches says Channy.

It's not really what Patrick is doing in this picture that had me gigglin, it was what Jon was doing that we didn't see. Awesome shot! HAHA!

Cam, getting his santa beard on.

Neven didn't like the sound that at all! When Neven was a small girl in Serbia, Santa killed his dog.
Steve throwin up the horns.

Andy was doing something here to a bag of pretzels that I just couldn't show.

Things were getting nastier by the second too.

See what I mean!!!??

The Samauri bowed out.

Everyone started playing "Dance Dance, revolution"

As so many times before, Cameron decided he'd make sure I got home safely. He walked me to my place which was close by foot. Although he led me into a few foot deep puddles too. Fucker. I was walking home drunk, drenched, dressed like a maid at 2am and it was fucking freezing out!

With that being said, it was all a great time. I now return you to your regular scheduled programming of me hitting Patrick in the ass with a frozen bag of french fries.

Click here.

I'm out bitches,


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