Saturday, October 22, 2005


Get ready for my largest post.

This Mipcom for us was by far the "Festival of Ups and Downs". One minute I was in complete rage, the other I was happy as 3 peckered puppy in a hubcap factory.

Where shall I begin? Hmm....... nevermind, I'm tired of going through it all. Let's just say the following negative events happened.
  1. Tickets that we thought were booked, weren't booked. Additional costs $1,200.00
  2. Out of the four people traveling 2 people missed their flights from Moncton to Montreal, causing a domino effect that caused them to miss all of the following connecting flights and my wife and I to fly alone internationally. Additional Costs - I don't know yet, shit.
  3. At Mip Junior we missed a dinner date due to a scheduling mistake. The repercussions of this arose the next day as I had a new asshole torn out in a crowded room by this client. We made up but it was very embarassing.Additional Costs - Alot of pride.
  4. The only night we had drinks led me to chasing after my wife as she dove into the Mediterranean Ocean as her purse was heading out to sea on a wave that washed in. Additional Costs - We'll see after the dry cleaning comes back.
  5. The Driver that was to take us to Nice to catch our flight to Paris was a half hour late, he drove fast and hard but we missed our flights regardless, causing a domino effect again. Additional Costs - $400.00
  6. In Montreal our luggage didn't go though to Moncton, we had to locate it in the airport. Additional Costs - About 3 dozen hairs on my head.
  7. In Moncton, the car was out of gas, we had to go fill it up (not usually a big deal, but after 20 hours of travel it sure is.) Additional Costs - $40.00
  8. Andrew got stopped by the RCMP on our way back to the Chi. He was all over the road. The constable let us off with a warning thankfully. Additional Costs - About 4 dozen hairs on Andrew's head as I ripped a clump out!
So as you can see, we've had a very trying trip. If it wasn't for the sucess we've had with some business transactions I would probably quit and move to a cabin in the woods. Fuckers!

Here's some pictures.



En route to Paris.Enough doodles, real pictures.

Tara and I waiting for Andrew in Nice.

Finally made it to the apartment! - I pulled the two beds together and flipped the bird.
Our view onto the riviera and the city of Cannes.

A severly stressed out Mr. Dunn.

Our Apartment was gorgeous, 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, wrap around verandas a nice living room and a full on kitchen.

Lovley architecture in Cannes.

Tara and I got to tour around the next day as Andrew hit Mip Junior, we came across a once a year flea market that held such a pile of goodies. We went nuts, but didn't get anything. damn.I loved this painting, what great one. I wish I could afford it, 500 Euros! Damn.

Great weather on the first day. Cannes is a very weatlhy community. Lots of glamour, lots of fashion concious people. Virtually no obesity either. It was rare to find someone with a bit of chub on their bodies and even more rare to find truly obese people. No wonder the europeans say that phrase, "Fat Americans". Not that we're Americans, but damn, we sure are. Just going through town today, it was the other way around, it was hard for me to spot someone who WASN"T overweight.

On our way touring Cannes, we found Andrew's Wife Nadine!!! What a coincidence!

Tara was happy about that, now she didn't have to spend her time with her grumpy old husband.

night shots of Cannes.

Our 40 minute walk into the market every morning. Re-fuckin-freshing!

Despite having tiny little cars for their tiny little roads, scooters were everywhere in Cannes. Zipping through traffic jams with ease. They were as popular as mobile phones.

The Mediterrannean sea. This is approximatley where I dove in after Tara to save her and her purse. hehe.
While in Cannes, we met up with our good pal Gavin Smith - Creator/writer on our property "Hopper". It was great to catch up with him especially with all the interest from Networks and Distributors on this show.

Our meeting with with Dulcie and Frank from PIP Animation Services. Great folks, giving us great advice. We hope to be working with them for many years to come.

After missing our dinner meeting with that unamed client. The bunch of us with Gavin went out in search of a fine restaurant.

Andrew and Nadine.Tara and me, all waiting outside the hilton. oh well..

Andrew gives me a sign that he's tired of me harping him about his chain smoking.

Here's some photos from the actual festival.

These things are so cool. Next year, we may get a booth.

Andrew getting down and dirty in the Participant's lounge.

These guys, had the biggest and coolest booth.

Over 12,000 people attended Mipcom this year. Can you believe that?!

Great sets from Contender Ent. / Rubber Duck.
And when I got home, I finally got to check my email. Cripes!!

We'll be going back to Mip in April and again this time next year, but boy o boy. We will be taking a number of precautions to insure a better traveling experience. I don't want to go through that again, whoo boy!

But all in all it was a great business trip! - I highly reccomend going to Mipcom, it's really expensive but totally worth the leads that you bring back if you work the market properly. We sure did and now we're going to be busy beavers trying to land all this work!!



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