Tuesday, October 11, 2005


We seem to be getting alot of good messages from clients recently. Last week was a darling of a note from our good pal Tony Grillo. This week is a sweet tune sung by the fabulous folks at Funky Formats in England in regards to the visual development work we're doing on their new show "Up The Wall". Mick's been hammering on these designs for a bit and the show looks great!!

Here's the message that just arrived! Hilarious!

Well, doo-ah-diddy he was animatin' Flash

Doo-ah-diddy he was gettin' paid cash

The stoo-dee-oh it was called Fatkat

They made great toons - back-to-back

Cloe said `fuck' and Mos' Deaf did too

There jus' ain't no peoples like the Fatkat crew.

Thank you Funky Formats! See you in France!


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