Saturday, October 1, 2005


So the other day, Tony Grillo from famed Flinch Studio and the fine folks I work with at Fatkat decided to pull one over on me.

Andrew Dunn, a producer at Fatkat told me that on Wednesday a wannabe intern was coming in and wouldn't leave unless I let him prove himself and work for free. It turns out Tony Grillo was the intern and I was left with a big fat puzzled look on my face... indeed they were fuckers.

I vowed to get them all back and I did... Here is a recount of my payback that took place last night.

My diabolical plan started by us renting out the top floor of the local watering hole.

As planned the waitresses start hauling in the grub. Plates of chicken wings, burgers and other yummy things. Kamdown checks out the waitress, I guess he liked what he saw...dirty kam.

I stick my visa up at the bar and the drinking begins as planned. Our first topic of conversation was our normal Friday staff meeting. We spoke of many things, the recent and thankful wrap up of Odd Job Jack, a show we were working on for the better part of this year with Copernicus for Smiley Guy Studios and The Comedy Network. It was a good gig that taught us many things. I'll leave it at that.

Spence couldn't agree with me more.

Other topics included current gigs, our ongoing webseries for Unilever's I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray! Other recent wrap up projects such as our spot for Eastlink Television, Gee Guides and soon to be Stark Raven Test. Ongoing projects such as Caillou and the up and coming Carl Squared and Popped Culture Theatre gigs.

Lots of awesome projects coming our way at Fatkat - one in particular I've been shooting my mouth off latley, but I'll refrain from it here as I don't want to jinx it.

Leon agrees.
Andy gets a whiff of my evil plan for the night. Free wings, free beer, are those tears of joy Andy?

Douggie couldn't be happier.

Catching Robert off guard.

Patrick begins the mad drinking phase.

Tony, Beans and I being the mad licking of the stubble phase, that was gross and not to be repeated.

Michelle, one of our lovley bartenders showing of the wonders of bent Canadian water bottles, like we cared, she smelled really purty though.

Gwen shows us what she's eating, ew gwen!

Salad showed up, firey eyes and all.

Tony Grillo "Watch me pull a rabbit out of my had!" - That's no rabbit Tony, and that's not a hat, although just as entertaining.

Daniel and Manon, these guys are great. Manon is one of the funniest chicks I've ever met, providing some of the funniest photos. Daniel well, he's ok.

Here's Manon pulling some silly faces again.

Here's me directing Manon, look at me directing! Just like Mr.Grillo! Can't you see it! Fuck, I look like the grinch who stole Christmas.

Everyone was getting shitfaced, laughing having a good time sharing stories and oppinions. Fun time, then it got funnier.

Beans giggling like a 12 year old girl as pulls some pranks on Patrick, trading his already gross tequila with some other liquid.

Patrick was the first to go, my evil plan was working. Sloshed from Tequila shooters he hit the head. We followed suite peeping over the top of the stall hoping he was puking and not pooping.

The Bugger didn't puke though.

Still hilarious though.

Patrick was making some funny groans in that bathroom.

We didn't stay too long in the bathroom, after all it's where all the dicks hang out.

Sam showed up for some fun. This was take two of this photograph, the first one we couldn't show because it would be considered pornographic.

She thought it was great.
So did the pervert photographer. hehe..

Good times by all, but the highlight of the night was watching Mr. Grillo perfectly execute "New York, New York" My camera had gone dead early into the night so we didn't capture alot of the fun or aftermath.

Well my evil plan worked for some and failed for most. My goal was to get people really shitfaced and watch them get sick one by one, taking incriminating photos. This only partially happened for Patrick, which was gratifying enough. After the first dark rum I forgot all about my plan anyway, got shitfaced, had some fun with Grillo and shared some laughs and good stories with the crew. Damn I love my job.

I'm out Bitches.


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