Saturday, October 8, 2005


Well, we do.

This is like the 5th straight weekend alot of us have been working the weekend. It's not great when it goes this long. Resentment starts to build, people start to stink, beer bottles begin to pile up. No matter, it all gets a tiresome no matter how exciting the project.

Things always go this route, sometimes it's the executives such as myself that accept projects that need to be done in such a short timeframe that there's no choice but to work the weekend, sometimes it's because you've spent so much time goofing away your weekday hours that you need the weekend to catch up and sometimes the project is just not you're thing and you struggle all the way through it using up every available second.

No matter what the scenario, realize that there will be ups and downs of this shit no matter what the job. When things are at they're worst, when you're burned out and ready to give in, just remember it's your choices in these instances that define who you are.

With that being said it's always good change up. Get shifted around, so it's not the same folks who are working the weekend, this was brought to my attention today. Hell, I didn't even realize it until I really thought about it. Alot of the senior guys work crazy hours, but it seems to be the same ones working INSANE hours all the time. It's time for a switch up.

Thanks for bringin this to my attention Neven, sometimes you don't see the forest because of all the trees.

Here's some action from this weekend.

It all starts with a good article in the paper about our little studio. There were certainly facts that were blown way the hell out of proportion. It's true that we're the second largest studio in Atlantic Canada, however we certainly do not have 8 Million dollars worth of projects underway. I don't know who rights this shit, but I should send all the damn shriners that I'm going to have arriving at my door for donations to their address instead!! Fuckers.

Here's a good shot of Spence working on his maquette.

Here's a close up.

Here's an ethusiastic Patrick working on a Happy Tree Friends bumper for Mondo Media and G4.
Jon helping out on HTF as well.

Robert in the icebox working on his spot, featuring Flaky.

Neven, also working on a HTF spot with Giggles.
While these guys were workin on their spots and what have you, my long time buddy from Colleg Mike Kettela showed up to help me on some sketches we had to do for SpikeTV.

It's been along time since I've got to hang with Mike, it was a great day of shooting the shit and doing up some doodlez on some funny video game concepts.

Donkey Kong, 20 years later.
The Ghosts from Pac-Man, Clyde and Pinky.
Another design, of Clyde and Pac-Man.
This was another concept of a teacher showing kids all about Video Games.

Here's the final with some alternate text.

I'm out!


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