Saturday, November 5, 2005


Our pals at Razor came to us this summer to crank out some flash action on one of their new projects to promote bilingualism here in New Brunswick.

The website is and is super frigging cool! - Lots of games and gadgets, some of it we created; such as the Burpeze section. Where you type a message to a friend, encrypt it and send it to a friend. Your so called pal then can encrypt it using the Burpeze translator which plays a sound effect for every character you typed on the keyboard. Some are great, some are gross. Check it out and tell your pals!

Check out this chick, I can't remember what we named her but she's gorgeous! - A design by the superbly talented Jessica Borutski one of many Fatkat Freelancers. She's awesome! Jessy also did the animation for her and all the design for the Burpeze character too. I think his name was Neil. I dunno, doesn't matter, check it out though!

We really dug working with the guys at Razor, they're a class act; sending up tons of swag when the gig was complete. They also sent a really nice letter. Check this out!

Check out that title! - Man, that is amazing draftsmanship! - Nice RICH!!

I love these guys and working with them is fantastic. We hope to work with them again real soon.


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