Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Just a note to all you fellow flash animators and artists that are finishing up at other studios in Atlantic Canada and maybe looking to work on a really cool project at a super fun studio.

We're in need of 5 more artists for Happy Tree Friends and these positions start January 2nd!

We need 4 deliciously dangerous flash animators who know the value of a line. HTF won't be like productions most people at other studios are used to. Besides being fantastically violent, each animator is responsible for their own scene's rough animation, inbetweening and clean up. The quota will be roughly 35 seconds a week plus revisions.

But there are requirements for these new positions, which suck but we're counting on to keep our budget... ...well, on budget. These requirments are non-negotiable, we need these 5 fine folks to meet them. They are:
  1. You must be Canadian.
  2. You must have graduated within the last 2 years (We might be able to bend to 2 and a half years maybe, but it requires you have little to no experience). Be ready to show your certificate or diploma folks!
  3. Flash animation skills. However we've been known to take solid traditional artists and train them (so this one is a bit loose).
  4. Strong positive outlook. No depressive, toxic personalities.

It's not a full on traditional show, there is some symbol animation in there, but the show needs to look money, it needs to look less flash and more goodness. (You know what I mean).

So come on people! Fire in them there resumés! We also need an assistant editor too! Send in you resumés to me, Gene Fowler at this email adress - gfowler@fatkatanimation.com

or catch me on msn messenger - stank_face@hotmail.com

Hit me up and I'll tell you all about the jobs.

Peace out homies!


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