Saturday, November 26, 2005


Ok, so we went out for some drinks last night, I was feeling pretty good but left early. The guys went on to Dooly's I'm figuring to watch Salad play the Harmonica and Andy get his guitar on, figures, the first night they get to jam at Dooly's and I totally miss out. Not even a picture. Damn!

Except one, in the morning when I came into work I found this in my office.

It seems some yahoos from the studio went marauding through town pulling a "Gene" if you will (I've been known to do this shit). Well this is certainly a good one. Especially when I had to call around this morning to find out who owned it. It was actually Dickson's Quick mart right next door. I brought it over and I could see all the townies in Tim Horton's watching as I carried this big bright sign down the sidewalk. I'm sure I'm going to get some questions the next time I go in for a coffee. (Groan).

What goes around comes around (I smell a Spence).


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