Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Hello fellow poops,

Check out this site. www.jerkstore.ca - created by my old freind Jon Richard.

Jon and I went to animation college at NBCC Miramichi way back in the day. His site features alot of neat silly little things but the one thing that seems to be a hit is a drawing challenge hit up by local artists. Check it out here.

Most of the yahoos that participate all work at Speilo games in Moncton, Jon works there too. Did you ever throw a quarter into a gambling machine? Any gambling machine, from Moncton to Las Vegas.. .. well did you?! Say it! Say it now!! - well if so, Jon and the crew at Speilo probably designed that game. Yes they're that big, yes they're extremely talented.

Alot of the design crew there are former Fatkats actually. Lee Tanner actually started Fatkat with me back in 2000, he was the only dude in Halifax that knew flash, he taught us all!! Thanks Mad dog Tanner! There's also, Jordy Jeppessen, Craig Deredin, Ken Dolan, Steve Chenier, Mitch Martin and Matt Rogers. All severly talented artists.

So go sign up with Jon's Jerkstore drawing challenge!


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