Saturday, January 28, 2006


Just this week we were inspired to have a gay vampire party. Why? Well you should have been reading the blog at the beginning of the week. Those posts are now deleted, but the party had to go on.

I unfortunatley did not attend I fell asleep in the car on the ride home and we swerved off the road and hit a family of five, killing them instantly. It was a good thing I knew some vampires at this party to come clean up the mess.

Here's some pictures, enjoy yo'self!


Daniel was the only guy to go out all fanged up.
\Cameron and Spicy heat things up. Perverts.

Dean Concannon was in attendence.

Hey Salad! - more drink less draw fucker!

Pictured here is a vampire bag of carrots.

Andy puked in his mouth a bit here.

Even my old pal Bingo showed up. Damn I missed a good one.

James, a former bull-rider, was shitfaced in 8 seconds.

He was walking like an egyptian at the 12 second mark.

However at the 25 second mark the drunken stuper began to take its tole.

44 second mark, the skin began to yellow.

At 63 seconds, the inevitable discharge of Vodka, lime and a bag chocholate icing.

And twenty mintues later, Jimmy passed out in the hallway to the kitchen. Good on you James. He sleeps there even as I type.

Who's your pervert? :o)

Next week another party, another theme, another drunken puke o rama!


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