Saturday, January 14, 2006


To honour our now full house at Fatkat Animation Studios, we decided to have krew party to help everyone meet everyone else; it was a blast! We went down the street to Dooly's where we get the special Fatkat rate. We shnozed on Pizza and drinks for a few hours then all headed over to Mega's and James' place for a nightcap.

This morning when I came into the studio, I once again found someone passed out on my couch. This time it wasn't who I expected it to be.

Melanie, Liz and Carrie share some thoughts on life and on Leon's undergarments.

Brie looks on as Robert shoots me the pervert look.

Nikki goes skiing.

Patrick and Shamus O'Toole, the life of the party.

Andrew getting his sharpshooter on.

The next shot, Christopher turns and gets Doug's tongue in his mouth.

Things start to get crazy.

Salad hits on the ladies, even the ones that are married or spoken for.He's the most dastardly oompa loompa I've ever met.

In this next section, I took a survey of all the Kats in attendence. The question? - To tell me what they're favorite vegetable was, then to picture it... ...being shoved into their bum.

Christopher picked a lovely butternut squash.

Liz was all about the brussel sprouts.

Tara went for a sultry potatoe.

Daniel went for a banana. Which is actually a herb, but when shoved into one's bum hole, doesn't make the slightest bit of difference.

Cameron went for a watermelon.

Elder came in with some sweet potatoe.

Brie chimed in with some celery sticks.

Salad came in with asperagus.

Andrew went for chives.

Nikki went with... ...something else.

Beside the fact that this new Kat bares a striking resemblence to Monty Burns of The Simpson's fame, I believe Bobby went with some carrots.

Mark said something about kidney beans, but he had a mouthful of them at the time.

Joel went with some turnips.

John actually had to check his ass to see what vegetable was in there already, he pulled out a week old piece of brocolli. Later on that night, another piece of brocolli fell out of his bum when he was line dancing, yes, line dancing...

Jared, wouldn't tell me. He thinks we're all idiots.

Carrie went with a pumpkin. Ouch.

Reefer Madness - chose baby tomatoes.

Clubhouse went with a ripe head of lettuce.

Robert shoved in some pickles and shot me this look. Pervert.

Sam giggled and then said something about a zucchini.

James naturally chose the cabbage.

I can't remember what I chose, but whatever it was, I think Pat had it in his hands during this picture.

Helle was craving some wheat.

Coyle went with a choice blend of hops and barly, naturally.

Spence was grabbing a bag of carrots all night.

Douggie chose outdated cauliflower.
When I asked Gwen, she said "Who told you I was into that!!??".

Neven went with a radish.


James passed out in his kitchen.

The fab four digging the jam.

Nikki gets gangsta.

Daniel goes into a tequila attack.

Patrick, shitfaced.


Mega, givin'er on the river. Thanks for hosting yet again guys!

Until our next party,


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