Saturday, February 4, 2006


So Buddy Bolton and I have been cranking on a show idea that's really got me excited. Carrot's of the Pirabbean is going to be amazing! - I have a good feeling we're going to sell it too, it's solid I tell ya! -

I came up with the idea last summer while brainstorming with Mick, it was really just a title, project #421 that Mick and I were going to develop sometime. I wrote up a theme song and a short synopsis. Our pals at Inside music cranked out a the music of the theme song and Buddy lit up like a firecracker and took it from there, writing the finished synopsis, fixing my character bios and even writing a pilot episode!!

I was all set to design the thing but have recently run out of time, steam, sanity, toothpaste etc. So we recruited the amazing design talents of Fatkat's very own Bobby Pettigrew! No designs to show yet, but soon! Instead check out this amazing pitch package that our sleep deprived Producer in Buddy Bolton cranked out in the last 36 hours!!

He's really outdown himself this time!- Way to go Bro!!


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