Wednesday, February 8, 2006


Here we are at our second Kidscreen Summit and I gotta tell you we're are totally rocking this joint!

We've really gotten on the raidar, people know who we right away. All these conferences we attend and all the marketing gigs, the noise we make has really gotten us attention.

COOL! - not bad for a little studio in Eastern New Brunswick!

It probably helps to have worked on Odd Job Jack, Caillou, Carl² and of course, being co-producers and financing one of the most notable adult cartoons in the last 10 years. Happy Tree Friends is a huge win for us, and it seems that it's getting people's attention. We're not just the starving artists in funny Hockey Jersey's anymore baby.

WE'RE BIGGER THEN.... .... no we're still the same dudes in Hockey Jersey's, we just have cooler projects now. :o)

Here's some pictures from our first couple of days in NYC!

Here's Buddy and I outside the comic strip- where we're due to have our 1st Annual Fatkat Komedy Night. We've had 50 reservations in just the last hour, it's going to be a blast.

Imagine this place packed with 200 industry folks, it's going to be a hoot. No webcast available unfortunatley but we'll be taping the entire event and taking tons of pictures you jerks!

Lots of famous folks have graced these walls.

Look at that asshole down there!

work work work
a momentarily lapse of concentration.

work work work.
What a mess! Slept 12 hours our of 72.

Buddy cracking it up.
Star getting it on with some weird brews.

the night goes on and we get more and more intoxicated.

I love buddy, he loves gay vampires, but i love buddy.

More pictures soon darlings,

Love love love,


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