Sunday, February 26, 2006


My American friends the Grillo Brothers from Flinch Studio, Tony and Stephen, have done the complete opposite of what most Canadians do this time of year. Flea the warm weather of Florida for a trip the Greath White North.

So what does Fatkat do when one of our most prized and respected clients come up for a visit? - Yup, you're right, have a big party and get them shit-faced (Amongst other things that I'll list later.)

James, Mega and Mike bust out in the Rock 'N' Roll themed party.

I love how Mike and Mega are so hardcore while James eats friggin strawberries.

Reefer Madness, floats on in.

My wife had a great time as the Celtic Assassin.

Tara challenged tony to a fight, but it didn't last long.

Fun time enjoyed by my seldom seen better half.

Gwen and Neven showed up too. They looked like they were having a good time until I asked Gwen for a picture.

She turned quickly and called me a friggin dried up has-been, puked in one of my shoes and passed out on the stairs.

The Celtic Assassin and Shamus O'Toole.

Pat, trying to finish his booze from last weekend.

Spence, totally rocking it.
Rutger Hauer? Sting? Nick Nolte? Nah, Nevey Nesic!

Gwen awoke from her drunkin slumber and attacked me with vicious insults for the rest of the evening. I love this chick.

Yeah, Shamus, I love you too man. Hey, just curious here, but is that a scar caused by swinging a hot spatula around in your kitchen during a 3am drunken attempt at cooking pork chops?

Tony rocks out with Daniel, notice the hot-ass Flinch shirt.

Robert gave me the famous pervert pose while Brie cleaned house at Texas Hold'em.

what a puss.
I love this picture.
Yeah, I love this picture too.

Stephen still floating.
Thériault still rocking.

Love the glasses.

Bev' chills out with Janis Joplin.

These pictures were taking when my camera was fresh in from outside. Some frosty lens action give Stephen and Tony pics a super cool effect.

While we were rocking out at Mega's, someone forgot Leary at the studio. We came back a little while later to find him sleeping upright in the chair in my office. Hilarious Dog, this Leary!

Thanks for hosting yet another awesome party Mega,

More sections on the Grillo's visit to Fatkat coming soon including pictures from our snowboarding trip and a charity event for kids of Miramichi!


PS: Here's the official Grillo Canadian Checklist. These are things that are illegal in Florida that the boys wanted to do while it's do-able in Canada.

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