Thursday, March 16, 2006


Excuse me in advanced for getting worked up. But this shit is totally on!

About an hour ago, some dude decided to hack the host of 3 Fatkat websites.

I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this shit but man, it angers me. First, that my host doesn't have proper security in place to prevent this (I'm dealing with that!) Second, that this is what it's coming to. Attacking cartoonists and their websites.

Here's a list of sites this nerd defaced today with his crap.

Well it's on. Now it's what am I going to do about it? - I'm not going to slam anyone or any religion, everyone has their differences and I firmly believe that we should all try to live together in some sort of harmony. But as silly shit disturbing Canadian I can't reisist the opportunity to make a cartoon that pokes a hell of a lot of fun at this new nerd terrorism.


What you think? Should we make a cartoon?!

PS: My service provider just told me that my sites will be restored soon. So if you didn't get to see what was there you can see it below.

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