Sunday, April 30, 2006


I took a trip down to Moncton today to pick up a new Fatkat, David Dick (yes that's his real last name, yes you can snicker... ... yes, he's used to it).

Despite my efforts of recruiting Daniel Theriault or Mike Concannon to dress up like pirates or FBI agents to throw David for a loop when we picked up at the airport, they wouldn't go for it. So instead I just showed up 20 minutes late in hopes I'd secure my record of good first impressions.

Being cool with my lateness, I did feel kinda bad so I asked David if he'd like to go dry hump the world's largest lobster. He said it was something he always had wanted to do. So off we went to the little town of Shediac.

When we got there there was a family of 6 running around doing the tourist thing, so we felt it was inappropriate to tee up the giant shellfish for the hump, instead we targeted the wee fisherman.

It was good enough for me.

When we got to the studio I told David to get behind the truck and unload some of his luggage.

I thought it would be the best time to truly try out the coolest gadget on my new truck - the reverse camera! -

Here's David saying hello!

and me saying goodbye.

I took his body down by the wharf and hid it in an old barrel, it's too bad really, he seemed like a nice kid.

All joking aside,

Welcome aboard Mr.Dick, now we just have to find you a cool nickname.



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