Tuesday, April 11, 2006


It seems Mipcom is where it's at for Animation and also Fatkat!

Man are we ever having alot of sucess there. This time last year our very own Andrew Dunn while selling Fatkat services and our own proprietary projects he happened to walk by a display booth for an internet cartoon and stopped to have a smile and chat.

He had a great conversation with a nice fellow about his property and how Fatkat could help him out when the time came to take it long format for TV. When Andrew returned from France, we put in a bid on that project and dozens of others he brought back with him.

Months passed and September came with some great news. That little internet cartoon sold all over the world and he was now looking for us to step in and co-produce it with him. That little internet cartoon turned out to be not so little, it turned out to be Happy Tree Friends.

Well you should see the shear amount of good leads that Andrew and Buddy Bolton have brought back with them this year! Now that the rest of the world knows that Fatkat is co-producing the TV series for the most popular internet cartoon on the planet; people are hitting us up big time!

Things are looking amazing for Fatkat. I have never been more excited for the studio!

Great F*@#$king! job to both 'drew and Buddy!


PS: - If you're looking to sell your show or grab some cool gigs and make some fantastic industry friends Like Gavin Smith (above) - Co-Producer and Creator of Hopper .

Here's some pictures...

Instead of taking a cab from Nice to Cannes, take a helicopter instead!! - it's only 10 Euros more then a taxi and shaves 30 minutes off your travel time!

Here's a video of the ride!

Starr using le teléphone!

Love the architecture of this little town!

Starr doing her spiderman impersonation!

Her spidey sences were telling her that eggs benedict would be great for breakfast.

I've never met Keith, but he seems interesting!

Poor buddy he had an awful flu while in France, quel bummér dude. But check out that silhouette! - great ears, reminds me of my own!

Peace out homies,


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