Sunday, April 23, 2006

GEEKS ON ICE 2006 | PT.1

What a way to round out our hockey season by submitting a team into the 2006 Geeks on Ice Hockey Tournament this past weekend in Moncton!

A bunch of us Fatkats and friends from assorted studios and businesses from around Atlantic Canada banded together to form Fatkat's Miramichi Moose Touchers!

You can always count on Brian Donovan for some laughs.

The Money Shot.

Mr. Dunn nursing a hangover.

Wally Mclean of Mighty Miramichi Community.

Unlike other teams who had full 20 man rosters and had organized warm up drills. The Moose Touchers had 12 guys nursing hangovers barely clinching onto the ability to skate without vomiting.

I had a blast in goal, I must have faced 60+ shots a game but I was having so much fun - dancing to the music screaming out obseneties and riding my stick whenever we scored a goal.

Hal Raper drilled the other opponents with his evil stare.

Lucas Roze scored half of our goals!

Yves was the teams MVP by far, no one drank more beer. It was priceless to see him puking at the bench in a garbage can in between periods. By far my best memory of the tournament.

Dan Elder with his Ovechkin style mirrored visor, he was turning on the rocket boosters througout our games.

Jimmy Richards coming off a shift and feeling the alcohol leaking through his skin.

Jamie Keays solid on the blue line. Saving my but a number of times.

My old friend Steve Chenier chimed in for a powershift.

Terry "The Hatchett" Matchett making it happen up front.

Andrew Dunn had so many penalities the timekeepers were announcing them like goals. He led the tournament in penalities I'm sure of it.

Assistant coach Daniel Theriault and Goaltender Coach Mike Gilbert "Moose Touchin".

Head Coach Nadine Dunn going over strategy with the coaching staff after the first game.

Despite losing all of our games and being out shot 350 to 20 and out scored 26 to 6, it was a great time had by all. A great tournament, we look forward to touching some more moose next year!


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