Thursday, April 27, 2006


To kick off my weekly "The skinny on a Fatkat" interview type entry I take you now to a bit on Mr. Cameron Fraser, Fatkat's resident IRC junkie and computer guru.

For almost a year now Cameron (aka Kamdown) has been hammering on all sorts of technical goodies for us fatkats, from hardware to software, programming games to programming websites!

In the last few months cameron has done some amazing things for us at Fatkat - he's got our new servers up to spec, created a docketing system, worked on some websites, created an interally hosted FTP server, ACT server, set up a half a dozen firewalls, programmed some tough flash interactivity on our projects with Flinch studio and even shaved his back twice!! Not to mention that day to day hassles from Nikki and Andrew to get their printers online!

Oh he recently got his black belt in several martial arts! He's currently undefeated in his class.

One of the cooler gadgets is something Kam calls the Firebox. It's a Virtual Network gadget that I don't know much about; other then it allows freelancers and even some priviliged clients to work on our internal server from a remote location. How cool is that!?

I recently caught up with Kam on late night MSN, I had a chance to ask him a few very character revealing questions.

Click on image for a bigger... uhm....image.

Currently Kamdown is doing alot of the same. Recently our BIG shipment of new workstations came in from DELL - (Sorry Apple, better deals with Dell and we don't have to buy all our software again!) So kam has the daunting task of hooking them all up. YAY for KAM!...

...Uh, can you have them all done by tomorrow at 9am?


Pop Rocks!


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