Thursday, May 11, 2006


So the client / supplier relationship that we intially had with New York producer Buddy Bolton seems to be taking a familiar leap. For the second time in our young life, we have hired one of our clients to come work with us full time at Fatkat animation Studios.

The last time we did this we suckered the Executive Producer at one of the largest Ad Agencies on the east coast (The Bristol Group) to become our Vice President of Production.

Christopher Richardson is now much cooler to his wife and especially daughter as he produces cartoons instead of selling cars! :o) (Not that there's anything wrong with that) Christopher is now producing a ton of projects for Fatkat, from "Happy Tree Friends" to the "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter, Spray!" Season two!

Buddy Bolton recently took the trip up from NYC with his beauty girlfriend Star to further discuss the job, hunt for a house and pick up a good ol'Canadian Pickup Truck. Of course while he was here we did a few of the normal Fatkat things - like have a party and pull pranks on Andrew Dunn! Watch the Video!

Here's Andrew's Pickup Truck after Buddy and Star were done with it.

Funny Stuff, I guess Andrew retailiated by soaking Buddy's rental with dish soap, since it was raining as Buddy drove off for the states his car was bubbling for a good hour after he left. HAHA!

Buddy has been working with us for about a year now on developing shows we're co-producing with him and shows we're co-producing with others. From his own creation My Adventures with Cloe to Soap & Pubey, What shall we do with Tara Taylor and of course Shadowboy! You can check all these properties out in our development section.

We're currently in development with Buddy on a number of other properties too, we got to keep the new ideas coming out of the big Fatkat machine! Pictured above is our property Sam n Ella, which was created by me, and developed by Jacques Bouchard, Buddy helped flesh it out and now we're in talks with some pretty big people about it!

Here's some pictures of Buddy in a national spot shoot for a K-mart commercial, which is why he had to leave Fatkat early this week. Looks like a blast man!

Rock on bubbles!


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