Friday, May 12, 2006


Hey folks,

So in recent months I've been trying to keep the blog pretty clean. I've realized that we have quite an audience and a young one at that sometimes! On average we have about 260 per day, almost 2,000 a week. That's alot for a blog me thinks. Especially for a blog that really isn't much to do about anything other then the weekly happenings at an animation studio. I rarely post any cartoons or drawings, but I do admit, we are a bunch of whacky folks that love to have fun!

While most folks that in the animation industry are optimistic, positive, upbeat people. There are a few folks that cannot let go of their cynical, pessimistic and demoralizing ways. I'm sure everyone knows someone out there that takes pleasure in making you feel miserable. Someone who takes a jab at you every chance they get.

It seems that this blog has one of those people and as of late he's just gotten too hurtful for me to allow the posting of un-moderated comments. It's fine to constructivly criticise one's artwork or ideas. Hell we're an animation studio, we get criticism all the time. Clients would rather have their backgrounds like this, or "I don't like this line width, could you make it wider?" - "Perhaps more snap and follow through in this scene?" - To of which we'd respond "Of course! Let's do it!"

But I cannot allow the posting of slanderous, hurtful comments, that are meant only to insult the studio's artists, associates or clients. No way. It's not cool and I simply don't have the time to sit and search through the blog for comments from this guy, so I can delete them.

This phantom comment poster only known as Runnylegs has posted his last comment on this blog. While spoiling it for the rest of us too. I've done a litte research, contacted some IP trackers in the states, it's exactly whom I thought it was.

Perhaps in the future, I'll turn it back on, but I doubt it.

Sorry folks


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