Friday, June 30, 2006


Hey Gang,

how goes? stuff's been real busy back west, lemme tell ya. just wrapped up my first vinyl show in vancouver, huge hit! there was about 30 artists, and about 200 spectators! never sold mine, but i made more than enough contacts to keep me smilin'!

trying to be a painter is proving itself quite hard. its alot more work than i figured, but im getting experimental as f$%k with this stuff. granted, i may need part time work to support myself and my newfound dreamjob, but whatev, its all a part of it i guess.

vancouver is so muggy. i look like a bronzed god though lol. its good to be back in the land of mountains! as well as the land of crime. and meth addicts. and hookers! ahh debautchery. the f$%ing liquor prices are retarded out here! i forgot all about it, what a pain!

enough about that. seriously though, nothings new really. this place is pricey as s#$!.

well, i miss you all, but hey, keep in touch! lets swap some photos! im still missing the halifax trip photos, as well as moncton, and whatever else. none of my friends believe me that i was even in the east coast as i have no proof!

well, gotta jet, but enjoy some of the pics from my show. theyre just pics of the work we all did for the show, nothing personal. i got some pics of me from when i was recording some tracks for my cd, lookin sharp of course!

can someone forward this message to the rest? i dont have everyones email. thanks yo!

peace to tha east mothaf#$@as!

-M to tha G

keep in touch!

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