Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Hey you Fatkats. Miramichi is officially one of Canada's fattest cities!

While this is could be good for PR and marketing for us Fatkats, it's quite seriously not something to be proud of.

Perhaps we should take some strides to throw some ideas of fitness around to the business districts and chambers of commerce, town councils etc. Hitting up some of the local greasy spoons to serve healthier foods at their restaurants? - Damn... We gotta do something people!!

My first step, well i'm going to run the Miramichi marathon come July 2nd! Who's with me? - Let's get a relay team together, everyone take a couple of kilometers! - Even if we walk the whole thing!! Who's with me folks!!! Sign up with Dan Elder!!

Let's drop some pounds and eat some greens!!


Thanks to Rich Gould at Razor for the link!

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