Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Meet Jimmy Richards, Fatkat Jack of all trades. He can draw, he can animate, what a guy!

Recently Jimmy and a few of us in the commercial department have been putting in some crazy hours. I mean nuts. Out of 5 days last week, I think we easily put in 100 hours each. Many all nighters were experienced too. It was insane.

Thankfully it's much better this week, hell I have time to post even!!

Now shut up and look at Jimmy's art.

The kid can draw, you should see his animation!! Unfortunatley we can't show any of it at the moment - all his projects are still in production!! From Happy Tree Friends to Gee Guides, to Century 21 and I can't Believe It's not Butter Spray! - Season 2! He's worked on tons of stuff!

Here's a conversation I shared with Jimmy earlier tonight:

Gene: how old are you?

Jimmy: Twenty-two.

Gene: How did you find your way to Fatkat?

Jimmy: I heard about it through my buddy Mega, and thought it would be a pretty wicked place to work.

Gene: How is it so far?

Jimmy: I'm having a great time :) Lots of work and experience to look back on and look forward to

Gene: How do you like the Miramichi?

Gene: Compared to Vancouver it's gotta be different.

Jimmy: erm... different is a good word to use... I'm used to small town so it's not a big shock but I'm still craving the green trees and vast wilderness of BC.

Gene: What?! Wilderness?! that's all we have here in NB! - you got to get out more!

Jimmy: well I would if.... should I stop there? :P

Gene: hhehe

Gene: No sir.

Jimmy: just kidding. I know I want to check out french fort cove

That area looks really lush

Gene: How are you handeling some of these crazy deadlines in the Commercial department?

Jimmy: Well I'm doing what I can. I have no problems with working long hard hours, but I've been a perfectionist my whole life so finding the happy medium between taking time and hurrying up on work to get it done is a difficult task for me. The group that is here makes it that much easier to handle everything

especially since drawing and animation has been a hobby that has become a career, it's hard to sacrifice any aspect within them

Gene: I hear you dude.

Gene: it's definitley hard to find a good mix.

Gene: Just how big are your feet?

Jimmy: You know Ryu from street fighter? Double that.

and they're sexy as **** which is why I don't show them in public.

Gene: you have frigging canoe paddles for feet

it's obscenely cool.


Jimmy: makes it hard to find good snowboard boots

Gene: yeah no shit!

Gene: Thanks for your time Jimmy.

Jimmy: no prob. have a good one

Rock and Roll Jimmy! - We love ya dude!

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