Friday, June 9, 2006


Perhaps I'm suffering from severe sleep deprevation, perhaps I've taken to many hits of strong smelling incense, not sure. But man, I love my krew.

I can't tell you how proud I am to know the fine frigging artists who work here at Fatkat. Sure, they technically work for me, but I hope it doesn't feel like that to them, cause it doesn't feel that way for me. We're here, in this thing together.

Recently on Happy Tree Friends and also in the commerical department, artists new and senior have been putting in some late nights. Hell some haven't slept in days. It's been crazy here and I'm right in there man, this is my 5th all nighter in about a week and a half.

These all nighter's are rare here, sure there's some late one's occasionally when you got to make that final push to get something done. But nothing like this recent stretch has ever happened at Fatkat. Just some poor scheduling or management of projects perhaps, not sure, no blame will be passed around as the subject is toxic and it's not worth it. All that matters is getting it done and hitting deadlines so we can put big fat smiles on our client's faces.

What I really want to say is I love you Fatkats! - All the extra hours, the extra efforts and of course the extra results!! - It's this follow through that keeps Fatkat throwing out positive vibes in the industry.

This note is to everyone one of you in the studio, every artist, animator, graphic designer, executive assistant, production manager, marketing dudes, cleaning lady; everyone! These thanks also extend to our straykats around the globe, whom I know are also putting in some hard hours for us here and there, from Italy, New York, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan and of course British Columbia. It's nice to know you have our backs when we need the help.

Thanks for doing your best to be there when I need you. I'll do my best to be there when you need me.

Let's keep rolling!!


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