Sunday, July 2, 2006


Hello folks,

I had such fun yesterday going through old historical photos of fatkat from the 40's, 50's and 60's that I decided to grab a few more and post them. It's a great thing to see how much this studio has changed over the years, although some of the krew don't look like they've aged a day!

Pictured above was in January of 1940. General Daniel Helle and Chief Flight Attendant Michael Concannon signed a peace treaty that saw the end of the cold war between the Happy Tree Friends Scene Assembly and Design departments. This was monumental back then.

Here's a gem of a photograph. Believe it or not, this is Leon Arispunandar as he came to Canada back in the 1950's. Back then Leon couldn't speak a word of english and he was a woman!! -In the log books he used to sign in as "Leona Arrest your panda bears" I'm glad he shortened his name and changed his gender, although he does wear ladies clothing sometimes still.

Now here's a rare one. To supplement company payroll back in the 40's Nikki had us clean out the old ink and paint department to make way for a chicken farm. I was a little taken back by the idea at first, but grew to love it.

"Fatkat Chicken Farms Inc." - lasted for an amazing 15 years before animator's unions had us shut down due to poor working conditions; which was absurd! - I don't remeber a single animator minding the chickens, let alone their delicious eggs!

More photos coming soon!


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