Thursday, July 13, 2006



Thank you for a great first year of Geeguides! The client has asked me to express his appreciation for all the hard work, and says that they are all very impressed and pleased with the product. Coming from a bunch of ex-Disney guys, that says a lot.

Geeguides is, without a doubt, one of the best clients we’ve ever had. They are prepared, dedicated, and professional. They always follow through on their word, and seem to have a real focus on their goals and how to realistically achieve them.

Flinch is lucky to have this client, but we are even more lucky to be working with a bunch of guys like you. You have all pushed yourselves to achieve what I consider to be some of the best-looking work this company has ever produced.

The outstanding work of Willie & the design team: Peter, Ben and Cliff… Ansar’s relentless pursuit for perfection (or at least for making me happy)… At Fatkat - Neven’s patience and diligence, & the seemingly bottomless well of talent at Fatkat Animation Studios (you guys never cease to surprise me), and the magic wand waved by Steve A. Beans and Cameron… these are the people I remember when I ponder how we were able to pull this off. But I cannot forget the tireless leadership of Gene, Patrick and eventually, Big Show. Am I forgetting someone?

Ah yes, Steve Grillo, who not only blew me away by stepping in right at the very beginning and keeping the heart beating on this whole job, but who fulfilled my dream of working closely and creatively with my Big Brother. Steve, this job would have been a still-birth without you, thanks for keeping it alive and for running one of the best teams working!

Tony Grillo

From the very cobweb-ridden bottom of my clunky heart, I thank all of you for giving this project your time and dedication! It gives me pride to say I worked with you!


Tony Grillo
President, Flinch Studio

Thanks for the note Tony, we love you guys too!! :o)


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