Tuesday, July 11, 2006


With so many new gigs pouring in it's hard to keep our heads above water! - Which is exactly why we hire great folks to help us run the good ship Litterbox! Pictured here is Heather MacDonald. Heather was part of a freelancing team that we recently acquired. She's awesome!!

Tracy Fernandez-McGraw is our spunky new Business Development agent. She's assisting us in finding all sorts of new and cool clients to work with. GO GET 'EM TRACY!!

Neil Davies, another awesome artist who was part of that freelance gang. Neil is currently heading up a promotional animated video on Accounting for one of our newest clients!

Jeff Davis is a new grad from NBCC Miramichi and is currently animating on a web series for an ad agency out of New York. It's a big project dude, make us proud!!

Ryan Keizer the last of the Freelance group is now heading up a new webseries gig for us. He's doing great, super on the ball this one! Nice pants, let's make flags out of them!

I'm happy you're all here, let's rock out!



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