Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Awesome news comes are way at least once a month, this month - man it's gotta be our letter from Teletoon requesting a pilot on our show "My Adventures With Cloe". A product of Chris Seimasko and Buddy Bolton, this project has attached some awesome talent including writer/comedian Kurt Metzger and of course the wonderful artists at Fatkat Animation Studios.

Buddy came to us back in the winter of 2004 to complete a demo on Cloe, over the last 2 years our relationship has grown to amazing heights, partnering not only on Cloe but on a dozen or more shows as well. I see Buddy more then I see my own family, that's how often he flies up here.

(Note to self: Take time to see own family).

After 8 years of courting Canada's #1 Cartoon network we finally caught their eye with one of our properties. My Adventures with Cloe promises to be one of the best adult comedy shows on TV - animated or not!

To see more of the pilot's progress over the upcoming weeks check out the
My Adventures with Cloe production Blog.



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