Thursday, August 31, 2006


Finally!! After a long wait, we get to see who won this damn contest! OooOH the suspence! OoooOH! the prizes!

Thanks to all for their patience, we had some hurdles to overcome in getting this all together. Special thanks to every kat who entered and especially the judges; Aaron Simpson of Cold Hard Flash, Rita Street of Radar Cartoons, Tony Grillo of Flinch Studio, Olaf Pytlik of Dacapo Productions and of course our very own Big Show - Andrew Blodgett for filling in.

Extra Special thanks go out to Gwen Mitchell, who did a great job at producing the contest and keeping on people's asses for their submissions. Next year promises to be even better as Aaron Simpson has offered to help out in the planning as well. AWESOME!

Now to the winners!
To them go new video ipods, Fatkat jackets and a free trip to the 2006 Ottawa International Animation Festival!

This year was filled with surprise twists, a dead tie in the pitch department!

For Best Animated Series Pitch:

Keith Dury, for "Uncommon Ground".

"What has 2 thumbs and looks amazing in a new varsity Fatkat Jacket?"

This guy :o)

For Best Animated Series Pitch:
Dan Helle, for "Kyle Heckler in Hell".

In another unexpected surprise, our powerful femme took home the first place finish in not only the best animated spot, but also the best animated short.

For Best Animated Spot (Fatkat Commercial):
Melanie Albert, for "Heaven".

For Best Animated Short:

Melanie Albert, for "The Moonchild)

Other winners include:

Andy Coyle
Second place in the short division for
"Bad Kitty and the Invasion of the Star Flies".

Jared MacPhee
Second place in the spot division for

Congratulations to all you kats, nice job! Now enjoy pictures of you guys getting loaded!

Tracy and her hubby arrive!

Heather stares down Milky... with good reason too.

Jon and Michaud celebrate a win at Fatkat Trivia!

The crowd gets restless...

Geremy looking great in his sportsjacket.

A party crasher arrives...

Oh Andrew, the patience you have...

Look how proud Elder is of getting a pic with this guy, man it's like he just won a car. HAHA!

Dougie after blowing $678.oo on the VLT machines.

Big Show getting his nosh on.

The Terrible Trio scheming up something dastardly.

Patrick starts to tie one on.

The folks start to get lubed up.

Geremy going over his plan to have everyone in a thong by night's end. It almost happened too.

Thanks to everyone who helped me make this a great event, Dallas Daigle, Liz Hogan, Nikki, Andrew, my fabulous producers, the great folks at Easy Home and of course Dooly's for use of their equipment and space.


SUPER BIG THANKS TO TONY & STEPHEN GRILLO OF FLINCH STUDIO FOR THE AWESOME KEG O' BEER!!! - Be sure to thank them next time you see them. Or Hell, write up an email right now and confess your love. DO IT! :o) Get to the Choppah!

See you next year!


PS: Check out this video of our very own Patrick Proulx hitting kareoke like it ain't no thang!

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