Saturday, August 12, 2006


Let's go paintball'n again! On the way, Buddy and the gang were driving 186 mph and doing heroin when the Bathurst Police pulled him over.

They shared their snort with the cop and they got off easy with just a warning.

Perhaps it was, when the cop peered in he couldn't see Buddy as he had his camo-hat on.

Chris gets suited up.

Nice, we'll never see you in that!

Keith gets suited up too!
After the battle, Jon showing off his wounds.

Quite possibly the cheesiest smile ever caught on film.

Then it happened, yup after all the speeding I do, I finally got nailed. Seems Karma caught a wiff of me laughing at Buddy getting pulled over and paid me back. I knew it was coming, but did nothing about it. $288.00 fine for speeding and some extra cash for not having my license within arms reach. (It was in the trunk, I didn't know about that!). The nice constable let me off with a warning thank geebus.

Next time I'll leave more then 30 minutes to get home from Bathurst. :o)


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