Monday, August 7, 2006


Well it was a long wait, but so worth it. After the Brian's site went live earlier this week, the good folks at Brian's manufacturing shipped their end of the deal. A Custom set of Fatkat Goalie Pads!

Spencer quickly snagged them up and after a short arm rastl'n match and a $40.00 loss; I was able to lure them away from him!

Man, how cool are these?! I'll never wear them on the ice, they'll never see a puck... ...ok maybe just one or two... ... oh what the hell! - Beans and Louis would be severly dissapointed after all their hard work on this site if I didn't even wear them on the ice!

Again, thanks so much to Brian's Manufacturing for such a great set of pads, thanks to Nikki for letting me do this deal and extra special thanks to Louis, Steve, Kamdown and of course Beans who delivered a kick ass website!!

I'll make you guys proud on the ice this year, hell maybe I'll even keep my goals against under 10 and win a game or two!


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