Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fatkat Kakeoff 2006!! TASTE THE PAINBOW!!

Well the Kakeoff of 2006 was so successful that it was only short of a christmas miracle (didn't quite make the cut for christmas...seeing as how it's september.) Nevertheless it was a joyous time filled with frolic and glee! Lots of elaborate cakes and tastes....oooooh the wonderful tastes.

Some cakes were abolsolutely a PRIVLEDGE to enjoy. Others were like eating a piece of sugar coated Mike Tyson knuckle.

Here's the event at a glance:

Our very own Cheek Bones Jones showed up to welcome the crowd.
Good to see you Cheek Bones!!

Ever see those old family photos where that really out of place cousin would make a face and ruin every picture at every family event you ever had.
Well Geremy some how found a way to create a taste that makes you do those faces that 'Stephen' was so good at.

Now, for the sweetness marathon...I had been standing next to Tracy....who was literally hopping with excitment (I believe she cleared 6 and a half feet at one point), over the cakes....that she wasn't aloud to touch until everyone voted for their favorite....

You can't see it....but right now...the last voter in the cake off, is lying under the table....after Tracy 'the caged bull' Fernandez came out of nowhere with a swift cross check of excitement.

Also...I believe it's worth note that the cake, directly in front of Tracy (that she is about to cut.) is very much HER OWN CAKE. There is a table full of new tastes.....and Tracy makes a B line toward the one she made 6 hours prior. THAT, folks, is truly amazing.

Yours truly....after being served a slice of 'uppercut your taste buds' cake...courtesy of Geremy Walker.

She rocks.
end of story.

I believe this is one of those photos you see published in a magazine under a 'create your own caption' contest. The fact that I just used my caption space to creatively describe how i have no caption, while simulatniously creating a caption....blows my mind.

This is a cake.
This is a cat poop cake.

This is my boss....eating said poop cake. When was the last time your boss ate poop cake?

It was during this photo that the following thought occured to me:

'I don't like chocolate... wasn't a very happy moment.

"...and THAT what REALLY happened to thumbalina."

Upon further review of this happy good time photo....I've determined that the best part of this photo, is the careful, bomb team like precision that Jeff and Jon have while approaching the almost ceremonial cutting of the cake in the far left corner.

I had no idea that this was the reaction I would get when I asked Ryan to demonstrate how to eat cake.
Wanda's stunning 'put Justin to shame cuz he can't make kraft dinner' cake.
which, of course, is the winner. Bravo! The icing work on that cake is beyond good here folks.....we're talking epic mad skills.

The newspaper article that follows this picture would be as follows:

"Tragedy today as Mike Concannon Hulked out and destroyed the entire studio when Geremy decided Mike had a problem and that he "had enough gourmet kitkat Tracy cake."

Good times had by all!!
...'cept Mike...............who was later sedated and caged.


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