Saturday, October 28, 2006


Animation is a stressful business. Deadlines usually come to soon and the struggle for most to find the balance of quality and quantity in their work everyday can leave many on the edge of burnout. What better way to take out some stress and frusterations then to have a stress breaker Monday! So at Fatkat last week we did just that.

To kick it all off we had a massage therapist come in and rub down some humps that have been forming on the backs of animators.

Not sure how Andrew Dunn snuck in there.

Oh well, might as well take a silly picture of him.

This one is great! - Nice Sean you look like you have boxing gear on or something!

Elder fell asleep.

Keith was all smiles, until he let a little poot out. Totally grossed out the therapist. Atta boy Keith!

After some rub down and a staff meeting with some great announcements (will let the kat out of the bag later this week) we went out side to smash some pinatas!

We couldn't have picked better faces to tape onto these buggers then the administration. Here's Big Show.

Gangsta Nikki.
And Gene Buzz Ears

Blindfolds on!

Justin hammers.This swing by Sean sent my pinata into orbit. Atta boy Sean!Coyle took his anger out on his own pinata. I think someone has issues.

Everyone donated 50 cents and had a chance to smash some faces. Even Doug's son Blake took a swing, although he kept hitting Nikki in the face and cursing like a sailor with every rage filled blast.

Everyone seemed to have a good chuckle...

...and everyone got candy!

More silly soon!



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