Thursday, November 16, 2006


YAY For Christmas!
Last night over at Big Brothers, Big Sisters, some of us Fatkats got together and purchased a xmas tree and decorated it for a BB-BS Christmas Auction. T'is a good thing! - All sorts of companies here in Miramichi bought trees and decorated them. The trees go up for bid to whomever, the highest bidders get the trees while the cashola goes to families in need.

Now don't you feel warm and fuzzy? I know I do...

...perhaps it's this small rodent I'm sitting on. Anyway! Moving on!

Spence, Dallas, Edgar, Wanda, Tara and I grabbed a shnoogins full of Tropical decorations for our theme based tree.
Spence thought we should stick a big pinata sun on the top of the tree, what a ridiculous idea, kids think up the wierdest things I swear.

Wanda and Tara get it on with some flower thingies, they called them lays, but I don't believe them.

I'm Dallas Daigle!Edgar, upon Spence's request went and got a pinata sun, I've officially changed my mind, Spence is a genius. IT totally made the tree. He's also still a silly willy, there is no changing that!


What a delicious tree!

Good job, we're going to get mega bucks for this thing!


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